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Magalawa Island: Is a lovely place with creamy white sand beaches in the North!

Discover the beauty of Magalawa Island in Zambales. Zambales is a province in the Philippines located in the Central Luzon region in the island of Luzon.

Magalawa is an island barangay off the coast of Northern Zambales that boasts of creamy white sand beaches on both sides extending and meeting at the sandbar. - The Traveling Panda

According to The Traveling Panda here are the things to do during your vacation at Magalawa Island.

1. Camp in the island
2. Sit and play on the sand
3. Walk around the island
4. Jet ski tubing
5. Swim and play in the cold water
6. Search for starfish underneath
7. Eat at the floating cottage
8. Relax and enjoy

(Photo by Shoestring Travelers)

(Photo by thelostkidsph)

If you have plans to visit Magalawa Island, refer to this link.

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